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You need a little ACREAGE: The area of grass needed to support a Miniature Hereford varies greatly depending on location. On some irrigated pasture or high rainfall areas, 2 or 3 Miniature Herefords may be maintained on one acre of land. In some non-irrigated areas of the desert Southwest, it may take 20 or more acres per cow.

You need a little FENCING: Any fence that will hold a sheep or goat should be sufficient, even a three strand barbed wire fence properly constructed will do in some cases. Fences for miniatures do not need to be as tall as fences for standard cattle.

You need a little KNOWLEDGE: The bovine is one of the easiest to care for of all animals. Miniature Herefords require no more care or knowledge than standard cattle.

You need a little PURCHASE: It only takes one bull and one heifer to start your herd.

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